Lending others Money

Lending other people money is crucial; but also very beneficial. Money can show someone’s true character;but also, how snaking they can be. It is all about the motive, and with that being said, if you have it, you should be able to loan it. Now the receiver on the other hand, if they do not have the capabilities of giving back the amount that they have borrow, then they should not be asking for that amount in the first place.

I have had broken relationships due to lending money. Friends that I was closed with for years, but they tend to show their real selves during the process. Money is the root of desires. To me, desires can drive evil or good intent. Depending the nature and conscious level of that individual; money will show where that individual stands with you. If they respect you, you should be able to get your money back. If they do not respect you, there is no compensation coming your way.

Money is a resource that make or break relationships. It keeps a economy going, and it streams education, jobs, governments, wars, buildings, cities, and transportation. Messing with my money, is like messing with my emotions. Why do I implied that statement? well, lets look at the parameters of that statement. What is it about money that can affect you emotionally? how about for starters, your hygiene products, clothing,utilities,transportation,and your environment. How stable your environment is,is usually, how stable your emotions will become. Environments are affected by economics,the poorer it is, the more unstable it becomes. So with that being said;money affects most humans livelihoods.

Money can get you laid;money can also get you out of jail. Money can influence a politician; money can also influence a policemen. Money can start up a business;money can also buy out a business. So the dynamics of money is like, the dynamics of water, it is very versatile to utilize. Most murders happen because of money. Knowing that, spending and utilizing it, is very vital. In order to loan someone some money, it is best to check out their background or character. But how do you find that out? you allow nature to run its course. The persons creditability should never be enough,you need a specific deadline, and what amount is given back.

If those specifics are usually not given, then you are fooling your self about loaning out that type of resource. Most people try to con others for money;but only someone with true insight, sees through the illusions. Bloggically Speaking, lending money to others can be dangerous, only because it can lead to someone getting hurt or killed. Then again, it can gain a blessing in disguise, where more is returned to you by helping someone else out. That is a gamble I do not excessively get involved with;however, it is a gamble that needs to be done from time to time.

Tell me about your experiences of lending people money.were they good or were they bad? lets discuss this experience head on, thank you for reading.



To get over rejection, you must understand rejection. Never take it personally. Lets face it, we all have likes and dislikes. So we reject others as well. Push the boundaries back a little bit. Just take a chill pill with worrying about rejection. The reasons why rejection is painful, is because our egos and ideals get rejected but not us. That right there is the key component to understand.

Majority of cases, rejection is usually a beneficial tool to learn from. It helps you examine where you can grow, and possibly learn from. Have the attitude of, hey that is not my loss, but it is my own gain. I used to be one that got hurt through rejection. I lived off of ego more so than my own true being. Surrendering in to the world of fallacies in this social atmosphere, can be a bit depressing. It creates anxiety and vulnerability. Instead of living through real truth, you live off of human truth. Everybody has preferences, and so do you. Diversity is the dynamic tool and gift of this realm that we experience. With out it, wouldn’t this world be a bit predictable, and boring?

Give me rejection any time of the day. Why do I imply this? because rejection has helped me avoid toxic situations. Although, at that moment, I might craved a smoking hot chick, that rejection down the road has helped me understand how fortunate I was by getting rejected by her. At the time, despite having a desirable body and social personality, she had 4 kids, and living off of section 8. She was basically looking for either a sugar daddy, or a man with money. I made at the time, decent amount of money, but no where near her aspirations. Plus it had taught me about how superficial I was at that moment. See where the gains of rejection can imply?

Lets say you get rejected from a loan. This can be a blessing in disguise, because you can learn even more about what you need to do, to find someone who can believe in assisting to your mission. Rejection is more of a learning receptor, than a damaging one. I have molded in to the man I have become through rejection.

Bloggically Speaking, rejection gives out more gains than losses. Living off of ideals and ego only hurts you. But learning from denial, can only grow new strength with in you. In put your understanding on this blog.

Can we be friends?

To the audience I ask, the things that I am about to include, tell me if I am right or that I am wrong?

Here are the top 7 reasons on can we be friends in today’s culture;

  1. He is bad in bed, but he still gives you money.
  2. She is easy to screw, but too clingy.
  3. You don’t want to hurt their feelings, so you use the friend word.
  4. You need to say that to her, so you can get some from her in the bed room.
  5. Someone is at a high position in a company, so you be friend them to get up high in the ladder.
  6. You are not attracted to them physically, but you do care about them.
  7. They fit your habits, rather it is drugs,alcohol, sex, or food addictions.

I name these as my top 7 reasons why people utilize the statement can we be friends? my only issue with this is, everything seems conditional. False motives, creates artificial relationships. Do this seem like concepts that can build and sustain friendships?

My answer is to that question is no. Bloggically Speaking, the friend word is getting thrown around like a hooker. Why do I imply that? the proof is in the pudding. Why do a lot of people say, you have very few friends out here? why most people imply, there are a lot of liars, and most people are fake?

Isn’t this something that needs to get fixed? our motives to build relationships with one another on a friend level have non-existent values. Only for individual gain. That is why a lot of disconnection is appearing. Just my two sense.

Tell me what you think, if they are some more gaps to fill in for why people use that statement can we be friends? then give out your in put.

Why Some Of Us Men Cheat

Why do Some of us men Cheat? That is a complex answer for a complexed question. I will keep it simple and to the point. It all comes from what kind of conscious that man attains. Cheating comes from desires. Temptation is a strong drug supply. What you value, is what you allow. If a man loves a curvy behind, then he will hunt it. Does not matter how good the companion is. If your companion does not fit your desire (addictions), then you will separate. It is only human nature.

Some men have self-discipline issues. The key word to this is self. Cheating your-self is usually the first stage. When you crave a fallacy, you live in disaster. Have a wife at home that holds the house down, and you creeping on the low. Well that leads to a statement I like to call “My My My”. Why are you creeping? probably because your wife doesn’t fit your addictions. Plus you are used to self-betrayal. You can masquerade a problem briefly. But as time goes on, it will come back in a different form. Most immature men want cheap thrills. When you have empty companion values, you commit toward empty desires.

Cheating is something I can relate too. I have done it once. Only because of not being wanted by my girlfriend at the time lead to the action. Did I plan on it? the answer is no!. Once I got my fix, my pleasure shortly lived. My motives were artificial , and I knew I had to break up with my girlfriend. Once I told her and moved on, I realize how self-betrayal enter with-in. To betray your-self, will result to you betraying your partner. Self-conflict was the main issue. I played the victim for years. But hey, that was the conscious I relied upon.

I can give out plenty more examples. The reason why I am keeping this short and simple, is because it all lyes upon that man. If he is enlightened, he does not have these habits to contract. Know thy self, and Prosperity with wisdom enters. With Wisdom comes true love.

“Bloggically Speaking”, true love comes from understanding with real wisdom. Knowing yourself is key. I cheated due to not knowing my self. Nor examining my main issue and lived as victim for almost a decade. As maturity instilled in my existence. The actions from the past are clear. The insecurity driven my betrayal. Which in return driven a broken relationship. Your conscious state is your biggest reward. Cheating is due to a broken mind state. To fix it, you must repair that is broken. That might take time. Once repaired, you have already stop cheating your self.

Relationships vs Friends With Benefits

What a wonderful shock. Relationships vs Friends with Benefits. Friends with Benefits return great thrills. While relationship consist self-sacrifice and solid foundation. Modern time is patterned more to Friends with benefits. Friends with benefits reformed the new wave of dating. Instead of complete chemistry,we induce sexual chemistry. Relationships honor and embrace the long hall. Friends with Benefits embrace a microwave time line. The motto is go with the flow and attach no feelings. A relationship represent emotion  and is built off of trust. Friends with benefits has one ingredient, lust. Lust induces a empty desire. Like a smoker with a cigarette, how many do you have until fulfilled?

We live in a fast paced society. Do it now or I will leave you. Is the companion of today’s mentality worthless? Do we live off romance like empty calories? Our dopamine becomes sex like sugar is to process food.

What happened with enjoying the process?
Instead of putting our motives in the stove which is organic. Now relationships are like microwaves, more artificial.

Which in return make the results not taste or be the same.  Relationships have nutrients in it. Artificial ones keep you addicted to the habits that harm you.

A quick fix is no different than a drug addict. If the motive is lust,then where is the friendship? If the relationship is about balance then it is genuine.

Work ethic and self ethic are a loss art in modern times of dating. Bloggically Speaking, we need to find ourselves before we harm ourselves. No more unconscious thoughts and unconscious relationships which is the equivalent of friends with benefits.

Alpha Dominance:Controlling A Woman

Wouldn’t you rather have your woman go like “Oh Fuck Oh Fuck” for you instead of “not right now lets wait baby” like a dead got damn fish? Wouldn’t you want her to be extremely over anxious and fantasize the wind of your energy that embodies your presence? Well fellas, you must understand over stand and inner stand what a woman is what she wants and how she is conditioned. It is never about the pussy, it is all about the mind and her heart. Without that type of knowledge, you will never get it and will be in worthless relationships. I am not talking about these masculine women, who are usually dirty slobs at home and doesn’t know how to keep a household functional. I am referring to the women who are educated,feminine and wired to taking care a house hold. Proverbs 31 tells you how a womans role is since biblical times. A man must be the hunter, the provider, and the strength of the house. He must feed her strength, and feed her security. The natural woman wants security, stability and most of all a future. There are 2 powerful statements you can utilize that can re wired a woman’s mind about you. Those 2 statements are “Making Plans” and ” Our future”.

The word Our embodies that she is important in your world and that she is included and is special. The word future means she is your investment and she visualize being wanted by you. Transforming actions for words “Bloggically Speaking”. By utilizing “our house” “our future” “our love” “our wedding” “our bond” makes her feel connected with you. Makes her wired to want to fight for you. Being simple but effective works. It is not as easy as it sounds. As a man, you must fit the part. But as much as a woman doesn’t like to admit it, she is usually a visual creature by habit. What usually give woman her porn? words do. Most women I have come across, usually get enticed through words and then actions. But by your words, her actions will be very enthusiastic. A woman is ran through emotion, and what gets emotion ignited to drive for you? Making plans, meaning putting emotional thought through her and giving her what she wants. Trust me by making her feel youthful and excited, you will make her your slave.

Now why is it important for the man to be the master in the house? Well number one, women are submissive by habit. Number 2, she wants him to take the lead. Number 3, she wants to feel something through him. So what starts all of this? simple statements like “bring your night bag over” which symbolizes she is about to go through an adventure with you, and “as I indulge all your passion for me, I will look into your eyes and we cum together”. That symbolizes, that she can be herself, and she don’t have to hold back anymore. She knows in advance you will fill in her body miscues, but most of all, her emotional miscues. Once you accomplish that, you have enter the gates of a woman’s submissiveness. Which is very powerful in it self. It takes the right general manager to handle a woman’s submissiveness. Because “our house” symbolizes her heart , her mind and her pussy that you are all inside of. But why is it hard now at days for men to do these simple actions?

Well, too many nerds around. Nerds are good for repetition and calculating. They do not connect with the world, or with women. Instead of mechanical engineering and physics, their man hood engineering needs to be developed. In addition with all of that, their mastery of woman engineering will give them the right gates of power. Women need to pro create and feel secure, not fill in a man’s role or dominance.

Another problem is society. Society has engineered more of a disconnect with man and woman. How come? Look at leadership roles that used to be a man’s job now a woman’s job. Look at how more of a media portrait of husbands being the wife. Promoting more same gender relationships, which is not my issue nor concern, but must be mentioned due to a disconnect of the imaging of societal influence towards a youth’s development with masculinity and femininity. This is a nerds world, and by allowing the nerds to take over, we are losing the balance of romance and companion relationships.

Threatening the foundation of our home our future of our home. If I was at war and you were my woman wouldn’t you wait until I come home? I am at war. When a man leaves his house, he is at war . He is out there providing for his woman and family.
I Put My Strength Inside You! You must push in a way for fear. Tell her you giving a piece of your soul but do it deliberately with mastery. That woman will use her anxieties as an excuse, but behind that their submissive. When your words can give these women heaven or hell they shake. Give her a pet name, that will make her feel comfortable and safe.
Then twist the knife technique, punish them and please be good at it. Slice her emotions with no contact for a couple of days. Don’t fight with her or yell at her, you manage her mind and her heart. It is her natural instinct to take care of the home. Your relationship is your house if you program it right. How dare she close the door unto you out in the cold. She will be there fighting for your future. You sell futures and you sell the game. Don’t be a fool, you must check her, if not her nature is to disrespect and be out of line.

In conclusion, there needs to be balance, and in today’s generation, balance is becoming very rare. External influences, and living in fallacies is breaking up the male and female bond. To get your woman back, you must be a strong man. A alpha male. The type that can get her mind first, her heart second, and her pussy last. With all of those collections ” a happy wife is a happy life” BLOGGICALLY SPEAKING”.


Dating Women With No Fathers

I am 32 years of age, and I must admit, this dating game and market is brutal. I am at the age where you almost have to get what is out there with the least flaws.

Here is the obstacle I face, a lot of women I choose to date, either have a lot of kids with different partners, or something is emotionally damaged about them. A good ratio of women in the dating market that I come across usually don’t have any fathers growing up. One in particular told me that their father rejected them as his child. So their biggest insecurity growing up was rejection. They came around the block attracting men who weren’t available for them. As soon as she felt security with one particular guy, he disown her and she has been damaged ever since. No matter what me and others like me have given her which is trust stability and consistency, she tends to shy away from that because she doesn’t trust her self through us. Why is that? well one reason can be is the environment she has been conditioned too. Number two she doesn’t relate her self through us. Number 3, she goes for what she is comfortable with, which is men not being available for her, and consistently letting her down. She is conditioned to be the provider in her household and also the only voice. The men she give her heart too or vagina too, are men that she can nurture and usually come around her for late night hook ups. This is usually a physical attraction but not a complete attraction. I asked her one day, the men you attract usually lie to you and not available to you, but how come I am available to you and treat you like you are valued, I get treated like they do to you? She said well, you have no kids, but so don’t they. You are smart and have a future, oh okay just tell me already you don’t find me fully attractive in a companion way and that you don’t see us in a romantic level due too you don’t relate yourself through me. She tried to be as diplomatic as possible, so instead of keep showing her I ll be there for her, I start conditioning the relationship into a platonic one. We became workout partners and were getting close as friends. But one day, she tend to get distraught that all I hit her up for is us too work out. I told her we both agree that we both need to get fit and obtain our goals. She said yeah but you don’t ask me how I am doing anymore, all you care about is us getting our workout on. I said, well when I used to do that, you seem not to care about the little things that I used to do for you. See how you were doing, buy you a gift that was an emotional thought just to show you I tend to care and listen to you. Take you out, make sure you dress your best and treat you like a woman who deserves chivalry instead of a woman that is only good for a netflix outing at midnight sipping on some liquor and whoop there it is we get to doing the damn thing!

I eventually tell her, I found someone else, instead of congratulating me, she saids oh I don’t like her for you. I asked her why? she gives me every excuse about she looks sneaky and talks about how she dress and what kind of weave she had on. If I didn’t know any better, my workout partner might have a little crush on me but doesn’t realize it. Or maybe, I was the safe guy that she might finally commit too. Either way I wasn’t going to take my chances. The more I was dating the other woman, the less my work out partner wanted to work out with me. I took this as a sign she had feelings for me but didn’t know how to express them.

So one day, I asked her have you ever thought about us ever having sex? She said a few times, but the time you denied me coming over 2 years ago I ruled that out. I said oh! Well I had always thought about me doing something with you. But I was blunt with her with no filter. I said hey, I know I have no chance in hell with you because you have children and you still emotionally scarred from your ex. But, I have always thought about us doing the damn thing. She giggled and said Boy you are so silly. I said but for real, this must go down. She smiled and was flattered. I threw up some money, she thought I was joking, and I said if you do this, you can have this. She hesitated at first, but the money looked good to her and she took it. She did the damn thing, and I must admit it was definitely worth the wait. She was sensual, passionate, reactive and very attentive. Her walls were intact, very moist and hot. Her garfield was very heavenly and I enjoyed every moment of it. We started to have a sexual relationship. It was good while it last. But the problem now is, she got sick of her treating her just as a sex buddy and a workout buddy. So I asked her, you want me to be your man? she said no, I don’t know what I want to be honest honey. I got so confused with her. One day, she told me she would like for her son to do my yard by raking my leaves since i had a opening for paying anyone professional to do my yard for $100 dollars. I told her no, if your son really wants to do it, he should be the one coming to me about it. His mother shouldn’t enable her 17 year old son on a task he never intended on doing. Then she called me the reason why these young kids have no role models and I am part of the problem. But she tend to forget I was the one that hooked her up with a job 2 weeks prior to this. I got offended, then 2 weeks later I said hello to her and she acted none inspired to communicate with me. So I told her I ll just delete you out of my life cause I see this going no where. She said okay.

Why is she okay with this? well I will tell you why, she is used to men leaving out of her life. It all started with her father, no male guidance to show what a male is supposed to do in a house hold. She is 37 years of age, insecure and still doesn’t feel fully wanted. It is nothing I can do to break someone’s mentality that is drawn like that. You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to rescue themselves. She has an internal conflict. It all starts with her father. To this day she claims he still disowns her.

Me personally, I am fortunate to be in a 2 parent house hold and my parents to this day are still married. They separated for 2 years and gotten back together. The dating market is full of emotionally scarred or toxic attitude women or the women with a lot of kids and looking for a man to get them out of their hell hole. Even if I attempted to go younger from 23-26, usually around that age, where I am at life and where they are is 2 different paths and usually the odds are no good.

I will do another blog on why I am single, but this is part 1 of Aristotle’s dating chronicles Bloggically Speaking!